Peace Status List: Quotes, Sayings & Greetings For Peace Of Mind


4. If you receive something, do not overrate it; if others have something you don’t have, do not envy them. One who envies never achieves peace of mind.

5. Happiness or true happiness is an inner feeling that is perceived by the brain. If you have a peaceful mind, you will be happy even if you lack everything else. On the other hand, acquiring everything else the world can offer; wealth, power and respect, without a peaceful mind, you will never be happy.

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6. Success in having a peaceful mind comes from self satisfaction; it is the peace of knowing that you made the effort to become the best you are capable of no regardless of the outcome.

7. The number one destroyer for peace of mind is negative emotions such as anger and destruction.

8. Peace of mind and love are the two important things that protect us. They do not only help us overcome the troubles of life, but also give us courage to confront every new day. They teach us to survive, to live now and live peacefully.

9. The highest and most noble levels of success call for happiness, enjoyment and peace of mind. These only come to someone who has found a job they love most.

10. Arriving at true peace requires some essentials and one of them is faith. Faith cannot be achieved without prayer so true peace requires prayer.

11. Although I believe in God, you will not find me visiting churches and temples every now and then. There is no reason in doing something just for the sake of it and I believe in self realization because peace of mind matters to me. That is why I do things I love doing provided I remain true to myself.

12. I have not had one though for over 26 years now, I only have understanding. It is evidently complicated to understand and I rarely talk about it. In essence, you are in a state of total peaceful mind comparable to a kind of nirvana.

13. Money will come and go and so does fame but peace of mind and a relationship with God is far more important. It is the precedent that we have set for our life and the bottom line is that all of us will die at some point so Jesus is the only answer.

14. Time, space and change converge to bring about a place. We often arrive in place when resolving problems and place represents peace of mind and understanding since it is knowledge of self. Place is the resolution.

15. I am an old guy who does not hustle or bustle so sometimes I am behind but that is alright. I have lived to see many people who hustle and bustle but they are already gone, died too young when they could have enjoyed life.

16. People often find more peace of mind and can enjoy their life, even get more sleep and rest knowing they gave a hundred percent effort whether they lose or win eventually.

17. I have a difficult time with stage fright of any kind. It undermines one’s well being, disrupts the peace of mind and can be a danger to your life.

18. You should always feel beautiful and safe. Everything you surround yourself with should bring you peace of mind and peace of the spirit. It should enliven your moods and make you happy.

19. Basically, people are the same all over the world. They want the same things which include being happy, being healthy, being at least reasonably prosperous and being secure. They want friends, happy family and peace of mind. They want to always hope that tomorrow will be much better than today was.

20. All I crave is peace of mind for just five minutes. It will change my life and perception.

21. Sometimes it is possible to have a peaceful mind by transferring yourself across different situations as reminders to keep calm and avoid over thinking.

22. The realest and truest measure of success is love, happiness and peace of mind.

23. All the things we are eagerly waiting for – peace of mind, grace, contentment and inner realization of simple abundance – they will all come to us, but only when we are ready to receive them with an open and grateful heart.

24. I am grateful that the most important key in life was invented already. It is not a key to a mansion, a luxury car, a safety deposit box, a motorbike or a private community. It is the key to peace of mind and it is called “delete.”

25. The study of maintenance, like motorcycle maintenance, is just but a small study of the art of rationality. Working well and caring for something is like a process to achieve inner peace and optimum productivity so the motorcycle is like a mental phenomenon.

Summary on having a peace of mind

Finding peace of mind saying should not be a problem; there are numerous quotes for peaceful mind and they all aim at changing one’s perception to find ways of achieving inner peace of mind. Without this peace, there are just too many thoughts, frequencies and vibrations that will keep you from happiness, contentment and success. Much worse, they will bar you from seeing the simple abundance you already have access to. Peace begins with self knowledge and not wanting to change others. It also entails keeping away the negative emotions and energies of hate, anger, envy among such.

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