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Hindi Whatsapp Status



Tuchia status kya dekh raha hai !!

Hum angrezo ke zamane se status rakhate hai..

Humare status ka intazaar to 11 mulko ki police karti hai

Mera status copy mat karna !

Status aabhi baaki hai mere dost…

Mera status dekh ke aapni Bahen ki Shaadi karvaega kya mujse ?

Rukho main status likh raha hu….

Status nahi to kuch nahi.

Mera paas…aacha Status hai..

Dekho nazar mat lagana mere DP ko

Workout Motivation Quote


workout motivation quote

Workout is the best thing that you can do when your stomach shags out.

3 sets of Dumble a day can keep a doctor away.

Gymnasium is the best place to Challenge your limits.

A selfie taken in Gym gets more like then a selfie taken in restaurant.

Don’t make excuse, make 6 packs abs.

Gymming is reward and not a punishment.

Good Morning stars with Gym Morning.

Girls love 6 packs abs and not your family pack abs.

Never under estimate your strength, work hard and workout harder.

Gymnasium is the best place to compete with yourself, you win or lose result is always positive.