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love quote

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Love is just a word, until someone special gives it a meaning

Great Love can do great miracles.

Love is not about just saying “I love you” but it is about feeling “I love you”.

Love is not about beautiful face or beautiful body, but love is about beautiful mind that always remembers your partner.

Those who fall in True Love will never fall or get defeated in any situation of life.

Love is the hope against which everything is hopeless.

Where there is a love there is a life.

Love is not always about getting what you want, but love is about sacrificing what your partner likes.

Love is simple, divine and awesome. Pls don’t make it complicated.

Love someone in your life. A Life without love is like a lake without water and a garden without flowers.

Love is about Me and You and no one else.


New Whatsapp Status


new whatsapp status

My Status is incomplete without “U”

I am more stunning then my Status, look at me.

My status is loading…wait for few minutes.

Don’t judge me with my status.

No matter how much you hate me, you are still looking at me.

Coming back in 5 minutes, stay tuned.

Its so Fu@#$%& boring to change the status.

I know you are copying me 🙂

There are 3 type of people in the world. Me, My and Myself.

Alt + Ctrl + Delete your past.






Quote about Friendship


quote about friendship

A friend is one who knows everything about you still he loves you.

Friendship is about No Sorry and No Thank you.

Good friends are like real diamond, they are priceless and rare.

Friendship is about old school friends sitting with glass of vodka, bonfire and old memory lane.

Funny Friends are Freaking Fantastic – FFFF 🙂

Friends are the angels sent by God which he could give you as family members.

A friend walking with you in a dark is worth a light coming from Sun.

Friendship is like money, its easy to get but hard to retain.

Friend is the one whom you can call at 3 am to say “Good night”.

Best friends are the one who thrive hard to bring out best from you.