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New Whatsapp Status


new whatsapp status

My Status is incomplete without “U”

I am more stunning then my Status, look at me.

My status is loading…wait for few minutes.

Don’t judge me with my status.

No matter how much you hate me, you are still looking at me.

Coming back in 5 minutes, stay tuned.

Its so Fu@#$%& boring to change the status.

I know you are copying me 🙂

There are 3 type of people in the world. Me, My and Myself.

Alt + Ctrl + Delete your past.





Hindi Whatsapp Status



Tuchia status kya dekh raha hai !!

Hum angrezo ke zamane se status rakhate hai..

Humare status ka intazaar to 11 mulko ki police karti hai

Mera status copy mat karna !

Status aabhi baaki hai mere dost…

Mera status dekh ke aapni Bahen ki Shaadi karvaega kya mujse ?

Rukho main status likh raha hu….

Status nahi to kuch nahi.

Mera paas…aacha Status hai..

Dekho nazar mat lagana mere DP ko

Funny Whatsapp status


The only thing I gained so far in this year is… weight

God is really creative, i mean…Just look at me yaar

Kon kehata hai aache log mur gaye, Aabhi hum zinda hai

Aabe DHAKKAN kaha gaya iss bottle ka ??

I’ll marry only that person who looks pretty on Aadhar card..

Do You Want To Go Out With Me? (A) Yes (B) A (C) B.

Itna sannata kyu hai bhai ??

Aabe KHAJUR Online aa.

I have lost my phone, pls somebody give me a call.

I am online to see who else is Free like me.

Bas kur Pagli, kyu dekhati hai mera status, rulayegi kya



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