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No Skype then what ? Alternative to Skype


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Yes, you read it right, what if there is no skype on your PC / Windows laptop ? How will you be able to communicate or do video chat ? Dont worry today we will share some good alternative to skype, which can really be helpful to you for making video calls and keeping in touch with your loved ones.

We don’t say skype is bad, but we have heard a lot that Skype uses too much bandwith of your internet connection. Skype has done many changes over period of time and have really tried to improve user experience but still there are some disadvantages of using skype. We are not here to discuss or curse Skype as skype was the pioneer in providing video calling since years.

Applications better then or equal to skype:

1) Google Hangouts

The number one competitor to Skype would be Google Hangouts because itis accessible for multiple platforms and is straightforward to use. You’ll be able totransfer it on your Android or Apple smartphone or your laptop.

If you have already installed Google Chrome browser on your laptop, then you’ll be able to install the Google Hangouts extension to start out chatting together with your friends. With google hangout you can send text messages, build video calls and additionally make phone calls with it. However, you must have a Gmail account if you wish to use Google Hangouts on any platform.

2) Viber

Viber is one among the most effective Skype alternatives since it provides you all the options that you just expect from a video chat app. Viber has developed application for all platforms like for android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and in addition to all above for Windows Desktop also.

With Viber application, you’ll be able to make free calls, send instant text messages to your contacts and permits you to create top quality video calls across devices. Moreover, of these it is free and you simply want an online association. Viber also provides group call and group chat facility. Many mobile companies have now started giving Viber as pre installed application.

3) Wechat

WeChat is stepping up the ladder fast as one of the close competitor of skype, Wechat initially started a texting application and later on with several improvements and updated now wechat provides video calling facility also, it currently offers voice along with video calls. You can easily use WeChat app in iPhone, Android Smart phone, Blackberry, Windows phone as wall as Windows Desktop / laptop and Macintosh also. The best advantage of Wechat is you can use its web based version too.

4) ooVoo

ooVoo is another nice option to Skype as you’ll be able to add your friends from all social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Gmail and will be able to chat with them easily. The tool permits you to have a video chat with up to twelve individuals at a time. You’ll be able to conjointly watch YouTube videos with your friends. You’ll be able to use ooVoo on laptop or mobile devices by downloading it from the web site.