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Candy crush saga cheats


candy crush cheats and hacks

Candy Crush Saga or Candy Crush is not a new name for internet and smart phone users, I am sure all of us have at least tried candy crush saga once on or on our smart phone. Well before we share some cheats and tricks about candy crush saga, let me share some lesser known facts about candy crush.

Facts about Candy Crush:

Candy crush is number 1 app on

Candy crush saga is the game with most request send on facebook for online playing on social network.

Candy crush income is totally awesome, candy crush makes money around $6,00,000 per day.

Largest players of candy crush saga is in Hongkong, or we can people of Hongkong are the one who have candy crush addiction.

Candy crush is the game where people actually spend cash to get lives, boosts and moves.

In some of the countries candy crush rehab center has been open to get rid of candy crush addiction.

Many people are so addicted to candy crush that they play it 24×7. Now lets discuss about Candy crush saga cheats and trick which will help you to get lives and moves.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats

To play full set of lives is the easiest way to get new lives, but here we are not going to discuss about that. The rate fixed for buying / getting new lives is around 12 gold bars or $1 . That is the reason makes lots and lost of money daily.

The second way is free but it requires that you beg for some lives from your friends or relatives, that is asking them to send you new lives.  If you have made practice to giving back good Candy Crush Saga Karma then I am sure you friends will give you Candy Crush lives to use. You will also find some kind friends who will not ask for anything in return to the Candy Crush lives they give you.

But most importantly don’t accept any more lives if you are already full with Candy Crush Saga lives, that is if you are having 5 candy crush lives then don’t accept more from anywhere, as it will not turn into 6 lives but it will be wasted and you will still stay at 5 lives only.

If you are active smartphone user I am sure you must be playing Candy Crush Saga on your smartphone only, but do you know you can play it on your Desktop too.

One interesting cheat for Candy Crush Saga site is that if you have exhausted all your lives on smartphone, just switch to or and play candy crush online and you will get all new sets of lives. Switching between mobile and desktop will help you to clear the stage which you find it difficult.

Many levels which you find impossible to beat on smartphone can easily be beaten and can be cleared on desktop. Assuming that  when you have exhausted all your lives on the desktop version, at least some of your lives on your mobile would have been restored. Switching between the regular Candy Crush Saga board and Odus’ Dreamworld is a similar trick if you want to keep playing.

This Candy Crush Saga hack requires you to uninstall and then reinstall Candy Crush Saga again, surprisingly you will have new sets of lives in there. But make sure you signed in to keep the track of your last records and save your progress.

Uninstalling and reinstalling candy crush app will not affect your progress but it will surely delete all your boosters, so make sure you use this trick only when all your Candy Crush Boosters are exhausted.

Best trick for getting unlimited and infinite Candy Crush lives

I know many people are looking for unlimited candy crush saga lives and boosters, so here you go, I will share how to get infinite candy crush lives

This Firefox extension gives you unlimited lives and boosters. When you play candy crush saga through Firefox browser with above extension installed you get 99 lives, and when one life is deleted it automatically add one more life, so in short you get unlimited life in candy crush game. Along with this it also gives you free and unlimited boosters.

I am sure you have enjoyed this post in our Tech Corner sectin about Candy Crush Cheats and Tricks. Pls share your comment and thought below.

Meme maker and meme generator


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Funny meme pictures are very famous today, humorous memes goes viral very quickly, I am sure everybody must be getting crazy meme on your whatsapp and other social media pages daily. Like me you also must be feeling that you should create meme on your own which goes viral and make you famous.

There are many online meme generators and meme makers with the help of which you can create meme quickly. We will see today some of the best meme maker and meme generator.


Meme Generator is perhaps the closely actively used Meme creation generator around. What’s greater is, the users can easily vote good and bad on created Memes, and can also share on social platform.

There are small number scanty downsides however. The website itself is ad-heavy, which boot become caustic when creating your Meme, as some of the functions regular become covered by the whole of banners. Additionally, Meme Generator, like all other websites deliver their URL on all created Memes, finally their URL is essentially larger than their competitors, which is a low off-putting at times.


Meme Maker is another popular online Meme maker website which does a quick and smart job of facilitating you to caption a popular Meme images. Most amazing feature of meme maker website is, it allows you to add unlimited captions and one liners to an image and will not limit you like other sites do where you can add only two or may be just 3 captions. It also has features where you can see latest meme, featured meme and best voted and popular meme.

The down site of website is that is does not provide social sharing facility where you can share your meme directly on facebook / twitter or any other social platform. Also the site design is very basic and lacks creative and attractive layout which makes meme making a boring task.

3) iMeme

iMeme Meme creation is not a browser based meme creator. iMeme is a free software for meme creation for windows. iMeme is a simple desktop application that allows you to create meme on your windows computer fast and easy. The best feature of this meme creator is that it has many popular templates, which you can use to make your own meme, also you can upload it on your social media pages, take a print of meme and gift meme to your friends.

4) Quickmeme

One of the last recommendation is QuickMeme. As the name suggest, quickmeme is the fast and quick meme making application. It also helps you to share meme on facebook. This meme maker application provides you facility to resize fonts, positioning captions, color selection etc. Like other meme application this meme software also let you checkout popular and featured meme, visitors favorite meme and random memes.

So finally we have shared some latest and most popular meme generator, which will help you to create meme online with ease. So now make meme and laugh and let your friends laugh with you.

Enjoy meme making 🙂



Is page rank important ?


what is parerank, is page rank important,

Many people ask a question is pagerank still important in 2016 ? Does page rank plays a vital role in SEO and getting traffic to website ? If good page rank is must, then lets study what is page rank, why page rank in important and how does good pagerank helps in getting the site popular ?

Why is PageRank crucial ?

What exactly are the blessings of getting a excessive web page rank? How does it advantage your website ? right here are a few reasons why you have to pay attention to your website’s PageRank score:

1. Page Rank provides good reputation and authority on your internet site

The higher a web page is ranked, the better it will perform in natural seek results.

2. A good and high Page Rank measures the website’s reputation

Your PageRank score is a crucial factor for measuring your internet site’s reputation. The extra web sites linking returned on your website is an indication that people consider your articles valuable – that’s why they remember analyzing your content. The inbound hyperlinks boom your traffic. Your high rating genuinely means that your website have treasured links – Google uses this thing to provide you with a ranking set of rules.

3. Regular indexing

In case your website’s pages have a high PageRank, then the Google spider is more likely to go to your site to index your articles or content material. Google in addition to other search engines pick sites which get updates on a everyday foundation. In return, your webpage gets a high page rank which is also the hunt engine’s manner of flagging web sites which want to be listed more often.

4. Page rank is important for Add placement.

if you need to generate income from search engine advertising and marketing together with paid links, pay with click / pay per click on or banner commercials, how much money will be generated will largely rely on your page rank. The better your web page rank is, the more your advertisers will pay you.

In short, your Page Rank is very important, it is like a honor for your website. Good page rank plays a vital role in generating money via advertising and link sharing or partnership. So put your best efforts to achieve high page rank with the help of effective search engine optimization and SEM campaigns to get a high score on your internet site.

Hope now you have understood what is page rank and why page rank is important. Now check your website page rank here at Check Pagerank