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10minutemail – Best temp email generator


Have you ever thought of getting a temp email address ? I mean a temporary email which you can use in some site just to get temporary access into it or for email  verification to avoid spam messages. Today many websites does business of selling email database. This type of temp email address generator website helps you to safeguard your email address from such spam mail and you can stay away from unwanted email.

10minutemail, temp email, temporary email service10 minute mail is one of such website that generates new and unique temp email id for you. This website does not requires you to register or save your data in it. You can use 10minutemail for generating disposable email address, email address generated by 10minutemail get automatically deleted or disposed in 10 minutes of generating. As their name suggest it’s a self destructing email service.

Service of 10 minute mail is so fast that it gives you new email every-time the page loads. No need to fill any forms, no registration or not even any single data is ever asked from user.

Now lets discuss some advantages of 10minutemail service

1) It gives you unique and new email address every-time you load the page.

2) It has a clean page, where it immediately displays how many email you have received on that new temp email address.

3) Don’t worry if you want to use that email for more then 10 minutes, you can simply click on link stating “10 more minutes” and your email will stay for more 10 minutes before self destructing.

4) It does not only show which email you have received but you can also reply to your temp emails, that too very easily and can also verify your temp email address.

5) As 10minuteemail is being used world wide, still it provides great security, no other users will get same email id which you have received as temp email and no one will be able to see your inbox, 10 minute mail box is browser specific and is locked, so you cannot switch the browsers and check same email.

6) You can easily forward the mails that you have received on this temporary email address to your regular and permanent email address so that you can keep a track of it.

7) 10 minute mail is also compatible with android phones and iphone devices too.

8) With such a long list of advantages, surprising this 10minutemail offers free temp email service.

Along with above advantages there are also some dis-advantages of

1) Once this temp mail address expires, you cannot get the same email id again, it becomes next to impossible to get same temporary email id.

2) Another disadvantage of 10 minute temp email address is that it might get treated as spam email and can be quarantined by some of the popular websites.

I am sure now you have enough knowledge of how to open temporary email address or as you say self destructing and self destroying email id. So go ahead and give it a try to 10 minutes temp email website.


Top Free Website Hosting Sites with Cpanel


free website hosting, free domain hosting

free website hosting, free domain hosting

Just like you and me, everyone loves the word FREE 🙂 So today I am going to share some of the Free hosting websites that offer free cpanle hosting too. Now a days there are many websites that provide Free Website hosting but I am not going to share bad webhosting companies, I am going to share only Top Free Web Hosting Sites which you can relay on and can even use for your professional work too.

You can consider this post as a website hosting review post where we are going to discuss all the points starting from free webspace offered, facilities offered and most importantly customer support.

1) 000webhost hosting service is among the front runner offering free website hosting services since 2007. You can consider as one of the pioneers and industry leader in providing Free Webhosting. 000Webhost not only provides Free Web space, but it also provides Free Cpanel for uploading website contents too. To add icing on cake, this free web hosting is Totally Add Free, that mean you don’t get any annoying adds which you get in other free hosting websites, here at you can enjoy add free hosting. Along with this add free feature, it provided whopping 1500 MB free web space, along with 100 GB of bandwith / data transfer per month. They also provide FREE 5 Email ids along with 2 FTP Accounts and 2 MySQL Database. This are just main features, apart from this it provides usual features like ready to install scripts and database, backups, mail manager etc etc.

2) x10hosting free hosting service

Another close competitor of is, it also offers Free Cpanle hosting. The advantage of is that it offers default cpanel and custom cpanel hosting. If you dont want full fledged cpanel view, then you can go for general and less complicated cpanel, where you will not get technically confused 🙂 x10hosting offers latest cpanle, that is cpanel 11.18+, they provide cpanel 11.48+ under free as well as premium package, so no discrimination with free hosting users. x10hosting free hosting services provides one click installation for setup of Mysqul database and popular scripts like WordPress, PHP and others. Along with all this x10hosting has a decent customer support team.

3) Megabyet Free Website Hosting

Megabyet is another free website hosting service which is offered by Byet internet. Earlier Byet Internet was providing VistaPanel instead of cpanel for hosting services. But looking at changing trend and popular demand, they started to provide Free hosting with free cpanle, they started this free webhosting around 2009. Even megabyet offers latest cpanel with version 11, which makes it easy to manage the website. It provides free web space of around 1.6 GB where you can use 6 domain names and 3 Mysql database with 2 FTP accounts. This service also comes with advertisement free hosting.

4) GoogieHost Webhosting Service

Googiehost is comparatively new name as a free website hosting company which is really picking up among active users who are looking out for free web space. Googiehost offers multilingual hosting services, it supports English, Francais, Espanol, Indonesia and Italiano. This makes it stand out from the crowd of free hosting providers. Another remarkable and attractive feature of googiehost is they provide unlimited free disk space, unlimited bandwith, unlimited domains, unlimited mysql database, unlimited email accounts, unlimited ftp along with custom made free cpanel. All this comes with 100% add free hosting service.

5) GBfreehosting Services

Another familiar name for free domain hosting is gbfreehosting which also offers almost 20 GB free web space, along with 200 GB Bandwith, Easy to setup mysqul database, free email accounts and Website Builder with thousands of ready made templates. There is no hidden cost for above services, it is absolutely free hosting account, just like all above free hosting providers, gbfreehosting also provides free hosting without advertisement. You can use there services and I am sure you are going to like it.

Well there are many other services that offer 100% free domain hosting and web hosting services, but the websites that I have mentioned above have been tested by myself and my colleagues and on the basis of the reviews received from them I have recommended their services, I am sure this review about hosting comapny will surely be helpful to you choose the right hosting company offering free domain hosting and free cpanle for your professional hosting need.

If you have tested or using any such services pls do share the name and your views on its offering, we will surely include the same in this post so that it reaches maximum netizens and they can take advantage of it.


Android tips, must use


android tips for mobile, android tricks for mobile phone

Today we are going to show some of the best tricks and hacks that you can use for your Android mobile to make your life easier. You can also say it as Android tips and hacks which can help you a lot.

Lets start then..

1)  Message someone accidentally ? Or sent wrong message to someone ? Don’t worry, simply put your mobile phone on airplane mode instantly and you will notice that the message failed to deliver, delete the message and you saved yourself 🙂

2) If you have put your mobile phone for charging, and don’t want to forget it, simply put your car or bike keys with the charging phone, so that you cant go out without it.

3) Charge mobile phone 3 times faster, just put it on airplane mode and you are done.

4) Download don’t dial app, this app will help you and will not let you dial when you are drunk, you can choose a complex password or you can set a time for it.

5) When showing your images to other on your phone, just zoom the pictures little bit, so the viewer cannot swipe it to other pictures easily.

6) To get complete information about your phone simply write *#*#4636#*#* in your dial pad and you will get all info about your phone.

7) Format Android phone on your own, just write *2767*3855# and you can format android mobile phone easily. Well this is irreversible code, so use it cautiously.

8) Typing *#*#34971539#*#* in dial scree, you will all get information about Camera of your Android phone.

9) To resize photo for Instagram, simply tilt your mobile phone sideways and take a screenshot of that picture and to your surprise it will fit perfectly in Instagram without losing the quality of picture.

10) Want refund from Google Playstore ? If you have purchase an app from Google Play store and you are not satisfied with it, just “return” it within two hours and play store will refund your money.

11) Thinking of how to check IMEI number on your phone ? Just type *#06# and it will show your phone IMEI number.

12) Want to recover deleted files from mobile phone ? All you have to do is to download Dr. Fone for Android, install it and follow the instruction, it will help you to recover deleted data from your android phone.

13) To see if your mobile battery is dead, just spin it on the flat surface, if it spins for 3-4 rounds, it is about to die.

Above are some of the android tips and trick that you can use yourself, just use them with caution so that you don’t do any damage to your phones.

Will share more mobile tips soon.


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