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android tips for mobile, android tricks for mobile phone

Today we are going to show some of the best tricks and hacks that you can use for your Android mobile to make your life easier. You can also say it as Android tips and hacks which can help you a lot.

Lets start then..

1)  Message someone accidentally ? Or sent wrong message to someone ? Don’t worry, simply put your mobile phone on airplane mode instantly and you will notice that the message failed to deliver, delete the message and you saved yourself 🙂

2) If you have put your mobile phone for charging, and don’t want to forget it, simply put your car or bike keys with the charging phone, so that you cant go out without it.

3) Charge mobile phone 3 times faster, just put it on airplane mode and you are done.

4) Download don’t dial app, this app will help you and will not let you dial when you are drunk, you can choose a complex password or you can set a time for it.

5) When showing your images to other on your phone, just zoom the pictures little bit, so the viewer cannot swipe it to other pictures easily.

6) To get complete information about your phone simply write *#*#4636#*#* in your dial pad and you will get all info about your phone.

7) Format Android phone on your own, just write *2767*3855# and you can format android mobile phone easily. Well this is irreversible code, so use it cautiously.

8) Typing *#*#34971539#*#* in dial scree, you will all get information about Camera of your Android phone.

9) To resize photo for Instagram, simply tilt your mobile phone sideways and take a screenshot of that picture and to your surprise it will fit perfectly in Instagram without losing the quality of picture.

10) Want refund from Google Playstore ? If you have purchase an app from Google Play store and you are not satisfied with it, just “return” it within two hours and play store will refund your money.

11) Thinking of how to check IMEI number on your phone ? Just type *#06# and it will show your phone IMEI number.

12) Want to recover deleted files from mobile phone ? All you have to do is to download Dr. Fone for Android, install it and follow the instruction, it will help you to recover deleted data from your android phone.

13) To see if your mobile battery is dead, just spin it on the flat surface, if it spins for 3-4 rounds, it is about to die.

Above are some of the android tips and trick that you can use yourself, just use them with caution so that you don’t do any damage to your phones.

Will share more mobile tips soon.



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