Monday Morning Quotes


Use these awesome monday morning quotes and messages to update your status and cheer up your friends and coworkers:

Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely, it’s not me, it’s you.

Monday is here to say all of us hi,and with new ambitions to make us more passionate good morning.

Monday morning gives us an enthusiasm to work hard again for entire week and then relax on weekend.

Monday morning quotes, whatsapp message, status

Monday’s are inevitable, but a little bit of exercise can really help lift your spirits.

Wish Monday was renamed as Sunday so that we get two holidays 🙂

Monday is just another day which is left out from between Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning quotes are like dose of black coffee, bitter but necessary.

Monday mean a new day With new hopes & new goals So don’t take tension and be ready, Good morning.

Welcome monday morning with a cute smile on face and confidence in your heart.

I am going to wish you a happy Monday and a awesome week ahead, Good morning.

Hi Monday, can I make one request to you ? Can you pls change your name from Monday to holiday ?

Good morning on Monday means, A most warm welcome to a weak and a huge smile on face with huge work, Good morning.

Monday morning is all about a hot cup of coffee and a list of “to do things” in another hand.

To get good sleep on Sunday night, don’t forget to read Monday morning quotes 🙂

Who made this Monday !

No matter wherever you go, Monday is not going to leave you.

Let’s start Monday with positive thinking to excel in every kind of life.

Monday is the day to set the pace for a week of work and useful product.

Let Monday be the start of good weak and not make you week.

Monday is here to say hello to all of us, and with new ambitions to become emotional morning.



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