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Have you ever thought of getting a temp email address ? I mean a temporary email which you can use in some site just to get temporary access into it or for email  verification to avoid spam messages. Today many websites does business of selling email database. This type of temp email address generator website helps you to safeguard your email address from such spam mail and you can stay away from unwanted email.

10minutemail, temp email, temporary email service10 minute mail is one of such website that generates new and unique temp email id for you. This website does not requires you to register or save your data in it. You can use 10minutemail for generating disposable email address, email address generated by 10minutemail get automatically deleted or disposed in 10 minutes of generating. As their name suggest it’s a self destructing email service.

Service of 10 minute mail is so fast that it gives you new email every-time the page loads. No need to fill any forms, no registration or not even any single data is ever asked from user.

Now lets discuss some advantages of 10minutemail service

1) It gives you unique and new email address every-time you load the page.

2) It has a clean page, where it immediately displays how many email you have received on that new temp email address.

3) Don’t worry if you want to use that email for more then 10 minutes, you can simply click on link stating “10 more minutes” and your email will stay for more 10 minutes before self destructing.

4) It does not only show which email you have received but you can also reply to your temp emails, that too very easily and can also verify your temp email address.

5) As 10minuteemail is being used world wide, still it provides great security, no other users will get same email id which you have received as temp email and no one will be able to see your inbox, 10 minute mail box is browser specific and is locked, so you cannot switch the browsers and check same email.

6) You can easily forward the mails that you have received on this temporary email address to your regular and permanent email address so that you can keep a track of it.

7) 10 minute mail is also compatible with android phones and iphone devices too.

8) With such a long list of advantages, surprising this 10minutemail offers free temp email service.

Along with above advantages there are also some dis-advantages of 10minutemail.com

1) Once this temp mail address expires, you cannot get the same email id again, it becomes next to impossible to get same temporary email id.

2) Another disadvantage of 10 minute temp email address is that it might get treated as spam email and can be quarantined by some of the popular websites.

I am sure now you have enough knowledge of how to open temporary email address or as you say self destructing and self destroying email id. So go ahead and give it a try to 10 minutes temp email website.



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